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Yankee Candle established itself as one of America’s most iconic candle brands over its 54-year history, serving as both a beloved business success story and bedrock of cultural tradition.

In 1969 founder Michael Kittredge created his first candle using melted crayons as a homemade Christmas gift when he could not afford store-bought ones. Neighbors then requested more handmade candles, so Michael experimented further – eventually pioneering novel candle-making techniques still used industry-wide today.

Sales steadily grew within community fairs. After a few years, what originated as a DIY family hobby was officially incorporated into a business dubbed “The Yankee Candle Company.”

Over the ensuing decades, Yankee Candle revolutionized scented candles as both high-quality products and symbols of American tradition by perfecting formulas and expanding iconic branding. Today their patented melted wax blends burning up to 150 hours set industry standards.

Their trademark fragrances like Clean Cotton also cue olfactory nostalgia, reminding people of beloved memories associated with signature scents. The enduring company now offers over 500 varieties sold globally, ensuring Yankee’s reputation as the pinnacle American candle-maker for another 50 years.

Current Yankee Candle Ownership

Today Yankee Candle operates as a portfolio brand under parent company Newell Brands which maintains a family of consumer product labels like Papermate, Rubbermaid, and Mr. Coffee.

Prior, Yankee Candle exchanged hands between private equity owners first selling to Madison Dearborn Partners in 2006 then later to Jarden Corporation in 2013 – a coalition of American household names like Ball, Coleman, Crockpot, and more.

The series of mergers shuffled leadership but importantly never disrupted the protected proprietary candle-making techniques securing Yankee Candle’s market prominence decade over decade.

What We Like About Yankee Candle

Yankee earns loyalty through rigorous craftsmanship yielding long burn times plus cueing nostalgia with trademark aromas and motifs. Their wax candle formula perfected over decades strikes an impeccable balance between oil volume for fragrance intensity against wax rigidity to avoid slumping. These optimized material ratios allow single wicks to deliver sustained 50-150-hour burns.

Such longevity far exceeds cheaper competitors. That dependability makes investing in their signatures worthwhile. Scent options also set Yankee apart, covering every olfactory family from fruity Sweet Strawberry to invited Spiced Pumpkin.

Creative mixes like Beach Walk evoke sensory nostalgia through expert blending while limited editions ensure newness. And who doesn’t enjoy their iconic branding imagery from red barns to golden retrievers?

What We Don’t Like

No candle maker is perfect. Some take issue with Yankee’s premium pricing hovering around $30 for most medium jars and Samplers when competitors charge nearly half. Their incredible wick technology also proves almost too effective, fully exhausting wax pools meaning little residue remains for repurposing decorative vessels.

On the scent front, they introduce many new experimental aromas annually which receive mixed customer reviews due to challenging notes that become cloying over time, especially with poor pool maintenance.

In terms of sustainability, adhering to 100% paraffin wax continues to pose environmental questions as consumers grow more concerned about climate impacts from production and use. Paraffin derives from non-renewable petroleum-based sources.

The extraction and refining process also generates more emissions than alternative waxes. However, we remain optimistic as Yankee takes steps towards improving green credentials overall.

They partnered with the Rainforest Alliance to source wood pulp sustainably for wick materials. Glass jars also come from recycled streams now rather than newly manufactured. Wicks carefully size to vessel diameters ensuring maximum burn efficiency thereby limiting waste.

While no widescale transition away from signature paraffin-formulated candles loom yet, we applaud Yankee for implementing more mindful sourcing and production initiatives in response to justified criticism. With continued public pressure perhaps greener candle compositions get explored.

Should You Buy Yankee Candles?

Determining if a beloved Yankee deserves space on your shelf or a spot in the sale bin depends on preferences and use case scenarios. Their tried and true staples like Clean Cotton, Lavender Vanilla, and Sage & Citrus for example offer consistently pleasing and balanced profiles suitable for open concept spaces and background ambiance purposes.

Alternatively, seasonal standouts when paired correctly overwhelm rooms in delightful thematic ways perfect for holiday get-togethers. For candle beginners or those seeking cost-effective but reliable options, spendier Yankee products may exceed needs, making more affordable brands like Target’s Threshold ideal. Well-versed enthusiasts with special annual rituals will cherish Yankee for sentimentality and burning performance.

What To Look For When Purchasing Yankee Candles

yankee candle

Before tossing Yankee’s iconic white branded tins or cylindrical jars into carts, consider intended applications because wick sizes, wax density formulas, and vessel shapes all impact finished results and satisfaction. Small space scenting is best achieved through lower profile wide mouth containers housing lower meltpoint waxes allowing for rapid aroma diffusion.

Foyers and high-traffic common areas conversely demand taller classic jars with higher wax ratios to support lasting burns. Know stronger scent throw accompanies three-wick versions over single formations too. And take care of selecting occasional experimental summer limited releases that risk being too peculiar for ongoing enjoyment.

Yankee Customers Speak On Clean Cotton

Yankee Candle’s top-selling Clean Cotton receives abundant praise across buyer commentary for delivering its namesake crisp and fresh aroma true to form without veering artificial or perfumy. As Mary K. shares: “Clean Cotton remains light and airy yet strong enough to fill a room. It reminds me of warm laundry straight from the dryer – super nostalgic and comforting!”

Joy R. warns:

I adored the initial cotton scent when first burning but halfway through the jar it morphs plasticky almost like a heavy dryer sheet smell unfortunately.” This reveals how individual nose interpretations impact Yankee Candle experiences, making in-store testing valuable.

Sampling User Thoughts On Large Jar Burn Times

Debate stirs around Yankee’s flagship large jar candles meeting the promised 110-150 hour burn time mark. As loyalist Danielle V describes: “I’ve purchased Yankees for years now, always sticking to the large jars. Burning several hours daily, they last me a solid 5-6 weeks as advertised give or take.”

Sabina admits disappointment:

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but my large jar candles last 30 hours at most. I expect to get what I paid for with a premium brand like this.” Good reminder to carefully follow prep, lighting, and handling guidance to optimize burn potential.

Where To Buy Yankee Candles

Procure authentic Yankee Candle brand products through multiple channels. YankeeCandle.com offers the full fragrance catalog including niche seasonal options unavailable elsewhere with discount incentives for bulk purchases. Mass retail chains like Walmart, Target, and Bed, Bath and Beyond reliably stock core signature mainstays on shelves year-round at slightly discounted prices.

For rare retired or limited-run candles, secondary markets like eBay and Etsy provide collectors access to sold-out rarities. If committed to the brand, signing up for their Yankee Candle Rewards program earns member coupon codes and free shipping privileges on future orders.

Best Smelling Yankee Scents

When it comes to Yankee Candle’s range of beloved smells, a few emerge as long-lasting favorites celebrated by both first-time buyers and loyalists based on reviews. Year after year, clean yet complex Lavender Vanilla impresses with its tranquil and balanced profile invoking restful relaxation.

For woody aromatic lovers, homey Midsummer’s Night delivers a transportive forest escape through pine and cedar notes. Seeking uplifting and playful essence?

Sparkling, effervescent Pink Sands charm with tropical vibes like summer vacations. Of course, no overview omits enduring classic Pink Apple Blossom – the vibrant candied orchard fragrance remains their top purchased scent for good reason after 30 years!


At the end of the day, Yankee Candle transformed into the pinnacle candle brand by perfecting serving a distinctive decorative purpose, powerfully infusing spaces with signature scents plus fostering nostalgia for tradition. Their name became synonymous with candle excellence.

While favoring formulations may fall short for certain preferences, areas like burn time, wax quality, and range of offerings reinforce Yankee’s leadership position. We recommend especially experiential home scent beginners or holiday hosts embrace these American-made candles. Allow warm flickering glows accompanied by awakened memories to kindle cozy joy.

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