Voluspa Candles Review – Exploring An Iconic Luxury Brand

voluspa candle

Voluspa candles are known for having exquisite fragrances and artistic coconut wax blends. Their candles provide a luxurious sensory experience through unique vessel designs that manifest dream-like worlds with each careful flame. Let’s explore what makes Voluspa a respected leader in high-end candle craftsmanship.

Brief History of Voluspa

The Voluspa journey started in 1999 when candle makers and married couple Troy and Traci Argiri introduced special coconut wax designs showing off then-new coconut wax, 100% cotton wicks, and proprietary perfume-grade oils. Their early innovations using artisanal ingredients rather than mass manufacturing quickly made people take note of Voluspa as exceptional among even abundant luxury competitors. This distinction continues 17 years later.

By insisting on ethically sourced coconut wax, clean burning cotton wicks, and responsibly harvested botanical oils – Voluspa candles provide powerful, refined yet eco-friendly experiences compared to rivals. Expanding from its small Orange County boutique origins to prestigious stores like Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus, the brand now enjoys mainstream awareness through holistic balancing bettering worlds inside out.

Why Voluspa Candle Ingredients Stand Out

Coconut Wax – Sourced sustainably from Southeast Asia, the special coconut wax alternative avoids paraffin and soybean byproducts to focus on natural coconut oil properties enhancing burns, scent delivery, and texture. Their proprietary blend increases fragrance intensity via more oil capacity while enabling cooler, cleaner usage overall.

100% Unbleached Cotton Wicks – Voluspa specifies superior unbleached cotton fiber wicks maximizing complete top-to-bottom burns without clogging while releasing any metals found in cheaper wicks. Cotton performs perfectly meeting safety standards benefitting consumer health.

Triple-Scented – While competitors infuse around 15% fragrance oil concentrations, Voluspa takes pride in considerably higher proprietary triple scenting approaching 20% for unmatched aroma strength filling rooms faster through richness noticeably absent comparisons.

Ethically Sourced Oils – Voluspa thoroughly evaluates international essential oil suppliers requiring both ethical and regional sourcing alignment to ensure no deforestation side effects supplying limited batch harvests responsibly. This goes beyond common trade practice prioritizing principles before profits admirably.

Exceptional Long Burn Time Durability

Alongside premium ingredients advantages, Voluspa coconut wax candles set industry benchmarks burning over 100 hours routinely – doubling average budget competitor burn times around just 50 hours.

Certain beloved icons like holiday spiced Vanilla Bourbon confirm remarkable endurance delighting devotees logging over 150 hours consistently per vessel. This exceptional longevity means less frequent repurchasing is necessary making Voluspa a sound scent investment that provides lasting enjoyment over many burns.

Alluring Fragrances Crafting Distinctive Escapes

But beautiful vessels lose appeal without intriguing scents failing to properly transport minds. This makes Voluspa’s extensively tested signature scents key for differentiation through artful balance and tireless refinement. Their skilled perfumers expertly compound essential oils into multi-layered blends supporting mental getaways to warmer faraway places or nostalgia-filled memory trips.

For instance, the iconic Santiago Huckleberry showcases ripe, juicy berries with subtle California oak barrel aging transporting wine country flavors without drinking a drop. The amber-forward Baltic Amber immerses you in recalling Victorian era allure through resinous spices and woods summoning restored romanticism vibrantly.

Even subtly named blends like Goji Tarocco Blood Orange kindle adventurous exploration decoding nuanced neroli blossoms and ripe citrus fruits unveiling unique magic.

Through and through, Voluspa fragrances craft fully-formed worlds condensed wonderfully into small, lively vessels easily uplifting dull spaces begging for beautification.

Presentation Supporting Overall Aura


voluspacandlesBut visual beauty further bonds scent sensations making an eye-catching impression warranting admiration anywhere displayed proudly. Voluspa’s design studios envision vessels embodying signature facets of each unique fragrance itself reflectively. Flowing rippled glass houses aquatic sea salt life essence elegantly as rustic hewn edges contrasting white porcelain capture cozy cabin warmth stoically.

The minimalist Japanese-inspired Maison Jardin collection respects ancient artistic lineages through streamlined style. And the striking all-black Midnight Django set appeals to Gothic romantics. Other decoration tastes discover dazzling displays suiting surroundings seamlessly, elegantly accentuating homes harmoniously so candles occupy focal prominence deservedly. Beyond beating boring or generic looks, Voluspa provides a creative range that meets diverse tastes wonderfully.

Value Equation – Price Against Performance

Considering high-grade ingredients – ethical oils, concentrated triple scenting, renewable coconut wax sources – Voluspa candles initially seem premium priced around the $30 average for standard 8oz vessels. However, lighting wicks reveal immense value through noteworthy comparative advantages holding increasing significance over time:

First, exceptional scent capacities quickly fill sizable rooms thanks to proprietary, potently concentrated oil blending formulas. Next, outstanding 100+ hour burn ranges mean less frequent repurchasing repeatedly. Durable glass vessels also enable reuse by refilling once expired cost-effectively through sustainable repurposing.

Finally, factor sheer signature uniqueness besting competitors through identifiable characteristics tied intrinsically towards Voluspa’s brand equity and quality commitments exclusively.

Altogether, Voluspa’s value shines brightest appreciating the countless hours spent uplifting spaces serenely over weeks steadily benefitting personal well-being invaluably so.

Where to Buy Genuine Voluspa Candles

Seeking authentic Voluspa candles verified originating directly from Voluspa studios prevents wasting money on unauthorized counterfeits wrongly capitalizing on brand notoriety dishonestly through label mimicking without matching construction quality.

Always check for Voluspa’s trademark symbols before purchasing from unsure sources. Safest buying directly through Voluspa’s official website links to all authorized retailers for confident online ordering while avoiding fake imitations.

Top brick-and-mortar locations selling 100% genuine inventory include Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and verified candle boutiques only supplying authentic wares United States-wide.

Certain Voluspa selections sell via Amazon, so double check reviews ensuring satisfied buyer receipts without issues cited. When possible, sample in-store first to experience remarkable scent potency distinguishing characteristics that have made Voluspa a famously phenomenal candlemaking leader conclusively beyond the competition through cumulative advantages.

Top Scent Recommendations

voluspa candle

Choosing between almost 50 impressive options challenges even veteran candle connoisseurs. But several fragrances stand tallest gaining loyal followings eagerly awaiting the next seasonal debuts.

Baltic Amber is the #1 all-time bestseller for good reason. Amber resins combined with vanilla, sandalwood, and spiced rum concoct nostalgic coziness in a jar.

Santiago Huckleberry – Ripe, juicy berries and oak barrel notes craft a mouthwatering fruit fragrance fantasy for the senses.

Mai Tai – Tropical punch blending zesty citrus, pineapple, and coconut cream with hints of rum beautifully bottled vacation magic.

Vanilla Bourbon– Warming holiday spices fused with rich vanilla extract, smokey Tonka beans, and whiskey cask wood for the perfect fireside winter candle.

Why Voluspa Leads the Luxury Candle Category

Through staunch commitment towards ethical responsibility standards benefitting both people and the planet through renewable ingredients supporting smaller producers – Voluspa goes beyond competitors through extra efforts upholding sustainable futures prudently.

Exceptionally enduring burn times over 100 hours provide cost-effective practicality realizing savings over time through extended enjoyment between infrequent repurchases.

And ingeniously intoxicating proprietary essential oil infusion formulas transport minds merrily towards over 50 distinct dreamy dimensions expertly distilled and concentrated to savor nature’s bountiful botanical benefits hedonistically. Finally, ornately decorative vessel designs nod towards upscale notoriety fusing aesthetic form and scent function marvelously for giftable goodness.

Altogether Voluspa amasses admirable advantages making the darling brand stand tall even amongst crowded artisanal competitors by progressing the luxury candlescape standard higher over decades and growing stronger still.


Mathias D.

The Vanilla Bourbon candle makes my living room smell cozy and warm, like sinking into a fuzzy blanket next to the fire with a glass of spiked eggnog in hand – so perfect for the holidays!

Julia T.

I was having the hardest day and my best friend surprised me with a Voluspa Bloom & Twig candle just because. The soft, floral aroma immediately turned my mood around and helped me destress. Now I buy a Bloom & Twig candle every spring as a little ritual of self-care to get grounded when things feel chaotic and overwhelming.” 

Brian W.

Wow – I purchased the small tin of Voluspa Rose Petal Ice Cream initially just because the packaging was so cute. But oooh my gosh, after one burn that irresistible creamy rose scent had me completely hooked! Easily my most complimented candle yet from guests.” 

Amanda T.

The Moso Bamboo candle instantly makes any room smell crisp, green, expensive! Like a luxury day spa but even better. My boyfriend didn’t think he’d care for more “girlie” scents but he loves how fresh and soothing Moso Bamboo is too.” 


For candle lovers wanting transportive scent stories kindling imaginative worlds wonderful while bettering our planet through renewable ingredients – Voluspa’s bespoke blending mastery bottles magical escapes readily simply by lighting each wick ceremoniously.

Then allow candles to occupy peaceful presences gracing rooms routinely transporting minds and uplifting spaces through remarkable scents artfully designed to delight devotees for decades still. Once familiar crackling commences, let all else wait a while – joining the quiet serenity remarkable resides patiently as we light the way inside out eternally forward.


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