Best Mosquito Repellent Candles 2024 Reviews

citronella mosquito repellent

Spending time outdoors in the evening should be an enjoyable, relaxing experience. Whether dining al fresco, hosting friends and family in the backyard, or simply unwinding on the patio, fresh air and beautiful night skies beckon. Yet the whine of mosquitos and misery of bites often cut gatherings short. Mosquito repellent wax candles provide a simple, effective solution to take back outdoor living spaces from these frustrating pests.

Specialty candles have been developed that harness natural plant oils to gently repel mosquitos and other biting insects. Lit candles diffuse a perimeter of scented smoke containing concentrated botanical extracts that deter mosquitos from approaching. Strategic candle placement establishes a protective barrier for households to comfortably enjoy outdoor spaces bite-free.

What are Mosquito Repellent Candles

Mosquito repellent candles utilize specific essential oils and wax formulations optimized to repel mosquitos. Key features include:

  • Essential oils like citronella, lemongrass and geraniol that naturally deter mosquitos
  • Clean-burning wax like soybean or beeswax
  • Cotton wicks to evenly distribute botanical oils as candle burns
  • Durable metal containers to resist weather while outdoors

When lit, these candles emit a light plume of scented smoke containing compounds that chase mosquitos away from the surrounding area. The wax candles provide gentle, non-toxic insect control.

How Mosquito Repellent Candles Work

Mosquitos detect humans using senses like carbon dioxide exhaled in breath, warmth from bodies, and chemical compounds secreted through skin. The herbal essential oils released by repellent candles overwhelm and confuse these sensing abilities.

The smoked perimeter essentially masks human cues like scent that would normally allow mosquitos to zero in on a blood meal host. Lemon-scented oils especially interfere with their navigation and deter approach. The candles also emit modest heat signatures that further scramble cues mosquitos follow. This creates an invisible barrier to maintain personal spaces mosquito-free.

What are Mosquito Repellent wax Candles Used For

People rely on mosquito repellent candles when hosting or relaxing in spaces prone to infestations. Backyards, patios, decks, gardens, parks, and campsites all benefit from wax candle protection. Common usage occasions include:

  • Outdoor dinner parties, weddings and receptions
  • Family gatherings like barbecues, reunions
  • Relaxing on porch swings or around fire pits
  • Camping trips, especially at dusk and overnight
  • Gardening on warm evenings
  • Guest lodging outdoors near wooded/wet areas

The candles enhance enjoyment of outdoor living without mosquito harassment.

Ingredients Used in Mosquito Repellent Candles

Effective mosquito repelling relies on key natural ingredients:

Essential Oils – Plant extracts like citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, geraniol and eucalyptus provide scent compounds that deter insects. These botanicals are safe and non-toxic for humans when burned.

Beeswax – Beeswax makes an excellent candle base with a natural honey-like aroma. It burns cleanly while resisting uneven melting that causes tunneling.

Soy Wax – For vegans or avoiding bee products, soy wax offers comparable performance. As a renewable crop-based wax, it is also eco-friendly.

Cotton Wicks – Braided cotton wicks offer clean even burning so candles fully liquify wax to maximize botanical essence diffusion each use.

Tin Containers – Durable tin sleeves or buckets allow outdoor use in wind, rain and other elements while resisting tipping.

Key Essential Oils and How They Repel

Citronella – This lemony grass contains geraniol, citronellal and citronellol compounds proven to effectively scramble mosquitos’ sensing abilities. The oils block receptors tracking human scent, carbon dioxide, and warmth cues leading them to bite sites.

Lemongrass – Similarly high in geraniol and citronellol as citronella, lemongrass overwhelms mosquitos’ odor tracking behaviors when emitted by candles. The brisk lemon aroma powerfully deters mosquitos from protected spaces.

Eucalyptus – Rich in the compound eucalyptol, this cooling oil is believed to block mosquitos from honing in on lactic acid, ammonia and other scents signaling prime human hosts. The strong herbal aroma also functions as a warning cue to stay away.

Rosemary and Lavender – Containing camphor, camphene, pinene and other compounds, these floral yet herbaceous oils further confuse mosquitos’ navigation systems when concentrated in candle smoke perimeters.

Strategic Candle Placement and Use

Capacity – Generally, allow 1-2 large candles per 100 square feet of coverage area for sufficient mosquito protection. Small candles may only treat 20-30 square feet.

Positioning – Arrange candles around seating zones rather than clustering near one corner to project smoke widely across gathering areas.

Location – Set elevated candles upwind so aroma streams over spaces to be protected as prevailing winds shift. Avoid placing candles on ground where foliage blocks airflow.

Burn Time – Allow fresh candles to fully pool wax to edges (1-2 hours) before extinguishing to give oils time to permeate smoke. Extend life by blowing wax candles out during smoke-free periods rather than letting burn 24/7.

Safety – Place candles on sturdy non-flammable surfaces away from debris, drapes or furniture that could catch fire if tipped. Never leave burning candles unattended.

Benefits of Mosquito Repellent Candles

Mosquito repellent candles make spending evenings outdoors more enjoyable by providing:

Physical Comfort – Preventing mosquito bites eliminates painful, irritating reactions allowing relaxation instead of incessant swatting and scratching. No more next-day misery either!

Peace of Mind – Reducing mosquito exposure protects against diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika, malaria and other infections the pests transmit. Candles create zones of protection from these health risks.

Pleasant Ambiance – The warm glow of candles provides welcoming lighting as nights darken. Their subtle smoke also imparts gentle herbal scents instead of harsh chemical odors.

Flexibility – Battery-free candles function independently making them convenient for camping, travel, power outages or anytime mobility is key. A pack of citronella wax candles takes up little luggage space.

Eco-Responsibility – Botanical oils and renewable waxes allow benefiting from gentle insect repellency without ongoing reliance on plastic, batteries or other waste. Beeswax supports sustainability.

Budget Value – At just pennies per hour of operation, repellent candles deliver lasting defense at an affordable price point compared to electric traps or zappers. Their versatility also offsets costs versus single-use sprays.

Potential Side Effects

While very low risk, responsible precautions when burning candles include:

  • Placing on sturdy non-flammable surfaces away from debris
  • Avoiding proximity to drapes, linens, furniture that could catch fire if tipped
  • Keeping out of reach from children and pets
  • Extinguishing completely rather than abandoning burning candles unattended
  • Monitoring flame heights remain low not to release excess smoke

Additionally, some people may discover the natural scents bothersome depending on personal preferences and scent sensitivities. Finding candles with lighter aroma profiles, positioning further away or pairing with milder unscented candles helps mitigate this.

DIY Mosquito Repellent Candles

diy mosquito repellent

For a custom project, homemade mosquito repellent candles allow including personalized scent preferences at a fraction of boutique candle prices. Here is an overview:

Ingredients – Gather soy or beeswax flakes, essential oils (lemongrass, rosemary, citronella) coconut oil, cotton wicks and containers like glass jars.

Safety – Work in a well-ventilated area away from sparks or flames when melting wax. Use a thermometer to avoid overheating wax. Handle hot items with care.

Process – Melt wax gently, add several drops of assorted essential oils, stir to blend thoroughly and pour into containers leaving wick headspace. Cool completely before burning.

Tips – Play with oil combinations to create ideal scents. Layering wax colors creates pretty designs. Upcycled jars add charm.

Cost – Handcrafted with care and quality ingredients, DIY candles rival costly retail options at a fraction of expense.

What to Expect from Mosquito Repellent Candles

Within minutes of lighting quality citronella candles:

  • Botanical smoke scent intensifies as wax pool reaches edges and essential oils fully melt
  • Pleasant lemony aroma permeates space in light breeze
  • Mosquitos become confused by smoke signals making them wary to approach hosts
  • Noticeable reduction in mosquitos attempting to enter protected smoke perimeter

Effects increase alongside number of wax candles and time burned. Extinguish candles once finished outdoors. The smoke scent and effects quickly dissipate without lasting impacts on environmental smells.

How Long Does it Take to Work

Allow 5-10 minutes for mosquito repellent candle smoke to build adequate aroma concentration after lighting. Waiting until wax fully liquifies across entire pool boosts efficiency so oils sufficiently diffuse into smoke.  Patience pays off so don’t extinguish prematurely!

How to Get the Best Results

Optimizing candle placement bolsters protection:

  • Place around perimeter of area needed to protect rather than clustering candles
  • Position candles upwind so smoke flows over gathering spaces
  • Use more candles for very large areas like reception tents
  • Elevate candles to prevent ground foliage blocking smoke
  • Shelter from gusts by placing near structures if outdoors
  • Strategic candle arrangements maximize mosquito repellency for any occasion!

Where to Buy Mosquito Repellent Candles

Seek out quality citronella and botanical candles from:

  • Hardware Stores – Brands like Cutter, Repel and others at chains like Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware.
  • Online Retailers – Websites like Amazon, WalMart and Target carry various candles and refill supplies.
  • Outdoor recreation retailers – Brands like Coleman, Off and Natrapel sell candles optimized for camping use.

When possible, buy products clearly listing exact concentration of essential oils like citronella for proven potency.

Pricing of Mosquito Repellent Candles

As a rule of thumb, expect to spend:

  • $5 – $15 on individual 6-10 hour citronella candles
  • $10 – $30 on multi-pack bundles of 3-4 candles
  • $15 – $40 on extra-large outdoor bucket candles burning 80+ hours

Higher priced candles tend to indicate quality ingredients like concentrated botanical oils and clean-burning beeswax.

Best Mosquito Repellent Candles

Among top rated mosquito deterring candles are:

Mosquito Naturals Lemongrass Candles with Essential Oils – 88 Hour Burn – All Natural, Soy Base

mosquito repellent

Keep your space mosquito-free with our Mosquito Naturals Lemongrass Candles. This set of 3 candles, proudly made in the USA, offers an eco-friendly solution with an all-natural soy base infused with a special blend of essential oils, including Lemongrass, Citronella, Geranium, and Lemon.

Enjoy an impressive 88-hour burn time, 2x longer than most candles of this type. Housed in stylish 12 oz. Mason Jars with a screw-top lid, these wax candles are designed for year-round comfort, whether you’re on your patio, in your yard, or relaxing indoors.

Revel in the pleasant natural scent that doesn’t overpower, creating a protective barrier with essential oils. Ideal for decks, camping, and special events, Mosquito Naturals candles ensure your home, patio, and yard remain a pleasant place to spend time. Backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

7.0 OZ Citronella Candles – 120 hours Burn Natural Soy Wax Fly Off Candles

citronella mosquito repellent candles

Experience bug-free outdoor moments with our 7.0 OZ Citronella Candles. Crafted from natural soy wax, these candles feature a unique mottled effect and are blended with the perfect amount of fragrance oil.

The fiber wicks, made from 100% natural fibers, ensure a smokeless and clean burn for your outdoor spaces. Enjoy a clear and consistent burn of approximately 30 hours per candle, providing a total of 120 hours of bug-repelling protection.

The subtle citronella scent is perfect for keeping decks clear and is ideal for placement on tables next to chairs. Remember to place the candles on a heat-resistant surface only, ensuring a safe and enjoyable bug-free outdoor experience.

Murphy’s Naturals Mini Mosquito Repellent Candle – 14 Hour Burn with Plant-Based Essential Oils and a Soy/Beeswax Blend

murphy's mosquito repellent

Relax bite-free for up to 14 hours with Murphy’s Naturals Mini Mosquito Repellent Candle. This citrusy blend of rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, citronella, and cedarwood oils offers a delightful aroma while providing effective mosquito protection.

Harnessing the power of nature, our candles use a 100% soy and beeswax blend for a clean, even burn without petroleum, palm wax, parabens, or synthetic fragrances. Enjoy the outdoors without worries, whether on your patio, campground, or at your next BBQ.

Embrace a natural repellent that truly works, allowing you to sit back and relax without the bother of mosquitoes.

Consumer Reviews

“One satisfied customer, Sarah, wrote in her testimonial that she was able to enjoy an outdoor dinner party with friends thanks to mosquito repellent candles. She said that she was initially skeptical but decided to give them a try, and was pleasantly surprised by how well they worked. Not a single mosquito was in sight during the entire evening, and everyone was able to relax and enjoy the night without any interruptions.”

“Another customer, John, shared that he and his family recently went on a camping trip and brought along mosquito repellent candles. He was impressed by how effective they were in keeping mosquitos away from their campsite, and said that they were particularly helpful at night when they were sitting around the fire. They were also easy to pack and transport, making them a convenient option for outdoor adventures.”

Effectiveness Against Other Pest Insects

While mosquitos rank as the most common target, citronella and botanical candles also repel an array of other pesky bugs including:

Flies and Gnats – The smokey perimeter also keeps tiny flies and gnats at bay. These insects swarm food, drinks and faces due to attraction to carbon dioxide from breathing. Herbal candle smoke disorients them.

Wasps and Hornets – Although attracted to sugar rather than humans, wasps still dislike the strong scents releasing from candles. Positioning near food and drink stations provides extra protection.

Ticks – Studies show citronella oil candles reduce tick presence up to 50% in surrounding areas. This reduces risk of Lyme disease from tick bites while outdoors.

Spiders – While not attracted by human scents, spiders still avoid areas with strong smoke odors released by the candles. Keeping them away prevents webs on patio furniture or entryways.

Beneficial Insects – Bees vital for pollination avoid candle smoke due to confusion but resume normal activity a short distance away. Candle smoke causes minimal disruption to helpful garden insects.

Soy Wax vs Beeswax: Which is Better?

Soy Wax

Soy wax comes from renewable soybean oil. Its provenance as a annually farmed crop makes it easy to reliably produce in quantity. Soy wax offers candlemakers excellent versatility for incorporating dyes and essential oil blends into desired colors and fragrances. It melts at slightly lower temperatures than beeswax, which facilitates customization but also makes soy wax more vulnerable to heat related shape distortions.

Soy wax is also very affordable for crafters and retailers on tight budgets. Cleanup is easy with soap and water during pouring as well. A few drawbacks are its lower maximum burning temperature in hot climates and tutorials required for wick adjustments to prevent issues like sooting. But overall soy wax handles inclusion of potent mosquito deterring oils excellently.

Soy wax pros: renewable crop-based ingredient, versatile for scent mixing, affordable cost, easy cleanup while pouring.

Soy wax cons: lower melting point than beeswax makes soy candles more prone to melting in summer heat.


Beeswax appeals as a natural wax produced from honeycombs. Harvesting the wax doesn’t negatively impact bee colonies’ health and productivity like honey collection might. Beeswax contains its own beneficial compounds thought to repel some insect varieties when burned. This eliminates the need to infuse additional repellent oils in some cases.

Beeswax boasts long burn times with a slightly sweet, warm, golden aroma from natural honey undertones. The wax also resists softening and distortion in summer heat far better than soy alternatives. However availability constraints on this natural product make beeswax pricier, especially for major candle manufacturing. Fewer customization options exist as well compared to versatile soy wax tailoring.

Beeswax pros: high oil content gives candles rich honey aroma, resists melting in heat, eco-friendly as a byproduct requiring no extra resources to produce.

Beeswax cons: higher cost than soy wax, limited production puts strain on bee colonies.


For shoppers, choosing between soy vs beeswax candles comes down to evaluating priorities like sustainability, fragrance needs, heat stability and pricing. Understanding pros and cons allows selection best aligned with mosquito repelling needs.

Tips for Choosing Right wax Candle Size and Type

Determining appropriate candle capacity and formulas depends on your unique needs:

Small Patios – For solo relaxation or dinner for two on compact patios, smaller 6-8 oz citronella jars provide adequate coverage for ambient relaxation.

Medium Backyards – Hosting medium gatherings like family barbecues in standard 50-100 square foot yards will benefit from multiple standard 12-16 oz citronella candles spaced around seating areas to project smoke and glow.

Large Events – For big guest crowds at graduation parties, weddings or corporate events in expansive tents or pavilion venues, go big with 1-2 foot tall, 4+ inch diameter outdoor bucket candles. Their multiple wicks provide intense output covering hundreds of square feet.

Camping/Hiking – Portable mosquito repellent sticks, coils or mini candles work best for mobile applications like camping trips or hiking excursions where packable size is key.

No matter the activity or guest size, always ensure candles selected feature legit concentrations of oils like citronella for proven potency. Match capacity to spaces for best experiences!

Using Candles Safely

When used correctly by taking basic precautions, mosquito repellent candles present low safety risks while effectively repelling biting pests:

  • Place candle jars/tins on flat, sturdy non-flammable surfaces clear of debris and overhangs
  • Position away from drapes, table linens, clothing that could ignite if tipped
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental knocking over
  • Always supervise candles when lit; extinguish rather than abandoning a burning candle
  • For outdoor buckets, shelter flame from wind gusts to prevent blowing out
  • Allow melted wax pool to fully extend to container edges before extinguishing
  • Snuff out candles when finished by gently blowing rather than abrupt blowing
  • Store extinguished candles in dry indoor spaces away from elements and direct light

Following simple responsible steps eliminates chances of fire while still reaping insect-free gatherings. Taking ownership of safe setup prevents regrets down the line.

Mosquito repellent candles present households with gentle, affordable and effective solutions for taking back yard spaces to fully enjoy outdoors worry-free. A variety of product options allow customization for specific mosquito deterring needs whether patio dining, large gatherings or camping off the grid. With quality wax candles positioned just right, annoyances from mosquitos biting cease so the real fun may continue late into spectacular summer nights!

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