6 Steps to Creating Stunning Hurricane Candles at Home

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Do you want to make your house look more warm and welcoming? Then keep reading to learn how to easily create beautiful candle centerpieces with flowers inside. These special candles are called hurricane candles.

Hurricane candle making is a fun hobby that lets your creative side shine. The stunning results also make heartfelt gifts for others. This blog post walks step-by-step through everything you need to know. We chose easy-to-find supplies and simple instructions so anyone can craft professional-looking hurricane candles right at home.

You will learn about picking the wax and wicks that burn best. We will explore how to safely melt wax. We will discuss choosing fragrant flowers and other decorations to embed inside your unique candle designs. By the end, you’ll be able to pour and form impressive pillars and jars of floral candlelight to enjoy yourself or share with delighted friends.

So let your inner artist glow brightly! Come illuminate your living spaces with custom hurricane candles that express your flair. This DIY candle making adventure awaits.

DIY Hurricane Candles At Home

Step 1: Get the Candle Mold Ready

To start, make sure your candle mold is very clean and completely dry. Any moisture left inside can ruin the candle later. Glass and metal containers work best for molding wax.

Before pouring any wax, spray a very thin layer of silicone spray onto the entire inner surface of the mold. Silicone helps the cooled candle pop out of the mold without sticking too much later. Just a light, even misting is enough to do the trick. But skipping this silicone spray step often leads to broken candles or frustrated candle makers!

Some other quick mold prep tips:

  • Pick a mold size matching the amount of wax you have to work with. Melting too little or too much wax for a given mold capacity wastes supplies.
  • Place the mold on a flat surface protected by newspaper or cardboard to catch any wax spills. Work over a table for easy height and stability.
  • Have mold-releasing spray, paper towels, a wick with a holder, and melted wax ready to go before starting. Rushing to prepare items mid-pour leads to messes.

Okay, cleaned and silicone-spritzed mold ready? Candle wax melted and nearby? Yes? Then onto pouring your creation!

Step 2: Connect Multi-Part Molds

If your candle mold has more than one removable piece, like a two-piece sphere or cylinder, you need to seal the separate sections together first. This prevents leaked wax later when pouring into the assembled mold.

To join the mold parts, have a spoonful of recently melted hot wax ready in a heat-safe cup or tin can. Use a popsicle stick or spoon to spread a thin layer of liquid wax along the edges of one mold section. Then quickly press the matching edge of the second mold piece tightly against the wax for a few seconds.

The hot wax will cool and harden like glue to fuse the parts. Run the wax fully around all edges where separate pieces meet. Apply pressure periodically as the wax sets to ensure very snug connections. Wipe away any drips for a clean joined mold.

This multi-part mold assembly is very important for a leak-free pour! Without firmly sealed seams, liquid wax will find the slightest gap and run out as you pour. Take your time joining sections. The proper setup here prevents big cleanup headaches later.

Okay, fused mold looking watertight? Great! Now we can focus on the fun wax preparation and decorative pouring steps knowing our mold foundation is sealed and secure. Time to make magic!

Step 3: Fill the Hurricane Candle Mold

The fun part is here – time to transform your dry candle mold into a stunning hurricane candle masterpiece!

First, have your mold securely assembled and sitting on a protected surface, ready for filling. Nearby, your melted wax should be completely liquid and kept at the right temperature in a pouring container. Refer to wax packaging details to identify ideal melting points and pouring temps. Cooler wax may clog flows; hotter wax risks firing the melt.

Now, gently arrange your dried floral decorations and other embeddable inside the bottom of the mold however you envision your design. Many hurricane candle makers enjoy using full-dried flowers, pressed petals, leaves, berries, and twigs to craft beautiful scenes. Create visual depth by layering pieces. Prop and wire elements so they remain upright when wax is poured.

Think ahead to how the candle will look lit – what embeddable do you want visible through the pillar sides? Place those items along the perimeter pressed lightly against the mold walls. What should appear topside when the candle burns?

Position those pieces in the interior wax pool area. Pre-planning your decorative design is key for gorgeous results when the finished candle is revealed.

Once your decorations are nicely arranged, begin carefully pouring your melted wax into the mold. Tilt and turn the mold to ease smooth wax flow across all areas. Pour slowly and steadily for the best coverage.

Fill the mold nearly to the complete top, fully submerging it embeddable in wax. The level will reduce slightly as the candle cools and shrinks. Any exposed embeddable may catch fire when the candle is burned, so fully cover pieces with at least 1 inch of wax.

During pouring, avoid drips and spills which risk air bubbles later. While tempting, do not agitate the mold too much or quickly. Overshaking the wax right after a pour causes foaming.

However allowing wax to settle briefly between thinner pouring layers gives a compact, bubble-free result. So go slowly with intermittent cooling pauses for optimum density.

Step 4: Remove Trapped Air Bubbles

To achieve a polished finished hurricane candle, it is crucial to remove any air bubbles trapped in the cooling wax. Air bubbles create unsightly pits and tunnels marring the candle’s appearance and burn quality.

After pouring, place the filled candle mold on a solid flat surface like a table or countertop. Wait 2-3 minutes allowing a wax film crust to form, then gently tap the mold sides to dislodge bubbles stuck to walls. Next, slowly pass the flat palm of your hand back and forth across the cooling wax top.

Press down very lightly – like you are smoothing a wrinkled cloth. This spreads pooled wax nicely while popping interior bubbles up through the surface. Finally, give the bubble-topped wax a final swipe to eliminate pits.

Inspect sides and base for any new trapped bubbles and repeat light taps and presses until the wax is clear. Maintain this surface smoothing routine as wax fully hardens for flawless results. Be patient – properly removing bubbles now guarantees gorgeous transparent candle clarity for years of enjoyment.

There we go – crystal candle visions flowing freely into their new form! Now for the last magical steps…

Step 5: Unmold and Finish Your Hurricane Candle

Hurricane candlesAfter 24 hours of cooling undisturbed, your homemade hurricane candle should be fully hardened and ready for release! First, double check wax has contracted from the sides and hardened completely across the top.

Soft spots indicate trapped heat still escaping. Let the candle fully cure if any sections feel warm, gooey, or damp before attempting removal. Rushing this curing stage risks candle damage.

Once the wax has passed the finger-poke test showing complete rigidity, carefully separate mold sections to uncover your creation! Slowly ease apart multi-part molds. Unwrap pillar molds gingerly like you are peeling a priceless gift (which in a way, you are!). Reveal moments feel magical.

If openings allow, gently tilt and slide hardened candles from molds. For narrow or irregular shapes, lay mold on its side and flex the base until the candle pops free. Avoid excessive bending or distortion causing cracks.

Initially inspect your unmolded hurricane candle closely under bright light. Are embeddable visible through the sides and top? Check for unwanted bubbles or significantly warped areas.

Surface issues become exaggerated when candles burn, so refine problematic spots with a quick remelt-and-smooth if necessary. Otherwise admire the fruits of your candlemaking efforts!

To complete the hurricane candle, carefully set a standard votive or tealight into the wax cavity if not occupied by a pre-set wick. Battery-powered flameless candles also work beautifully encased.

Glowing from within, the lit votive highlights gorgeous embeddable through rippling wax walls in magical ways no external light achieves.

Step back once the candle is lit and enjoy watching your handmade sculpture throw flickering rainbow hues around the room. Know that no other hurricane candle in the world looks exactly like yours – a customized, one-of-a-kind creation expressing your unique vision. Feel pride in making home decor magic with your own hands.

Step 6: Explore Inspiring Design Variations


The best part of homemade hurricane candle making is the unlimited freedom to experiment with customized designs! Once comfortable with basic techniques, let your creative spirit run wild.

Play with different dried botanicals and geometry. Layer contrasting textures and colors. Paper quilling art affixed in wax makes striking graphic candles. Try embedding beads, seashells, or badges symbolizing passions. Shape multiple wicks into celestial constellations.

Use dyes or oil-based pigments to swirl paint abstracts through wax. Optically clear casting resin mixed with wax can suspend 3D objects seamlessly. Express cultural pride by using traditional fabric patterns or historical maps. So many options to uniquely capture your personality or special occasions!

Inspiration is everywhere – explore candle materials in new ways and make your hurricane candles stand out as magical signatures of celebrations, dreams reached, memorials, or messages of hope. Let the ideas flow then set them free encased forevermore in your sublime candle creations handcrafted with love.

Congratulations On Your Beautiful Homemade Hurricane Candles!

We hope you have enjoyed walking through all the steps to craft stunning floral hurricane candles from scratch. You followed wax preparation, mold assembly, bubble-free pouring, and ending with dramatic final reveals. Now glowing proudly on your table, are artistic works of handmade wax art.

In the beginning, candlemaking may seem daunting to first-timers. But by using quality materials and easy step-by-step methods provided here, you can realistically create professional-level masterpieces at home. We aimed these guides to build confidence slowly for crafters of all skill levels.

Please admire your finished hurricane candles as much more than lovely decor. They represent new creative skills unlocked within you – no small feat! Lighting hand-poured candles displaying personal designs shows family and friends your expanding artistic talents also.

Continue nurturing your inner artisan. Experiment more with botanical arrangements, color patterns, scents, and embeddables as you tailor designs to occasions or moods. These ever-evolving urgency candles become beautiful manifestations of your hands and heart.

Thank you for reading along on this candlemaking journey! We sincerely hope these wax crafting guides have inspired you to embrace making hurricane candles part of more beautiful moments ahead.

May your handmade candles’ glow fill the coming days with happiness, connection, meaning, and hope. Congratulations again on achieving gorgeous homemade hurricane candles!


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