Best Fly Repellent Candles For your Home And Garden

for Patio Yard Homer in Bucket

Flies can really bother us when we are outside enjoying the nice weather. They land on our food and drinks. They buzz around our heads. Fly repellent candles help keep flies away. These special candles make smoke that smells bad to flies. This keeps them from coming around. Having fly repellent wax candles makes outdoor fun nicer by stopping flies.

What are Fly Repellent Candles

Fly repellent candles are made to keep pesky flies away. Flies are attracted to food, garbage and other sweet or rotting smells. When we eat, cook, or relax outside, flies pester us because of these smells. The smoke from the candles has a smell flies don’t like. This confuses them so they stay away. Using fly repellent candles creates an area around your yard or patio where flies don’t want to enter. This lets your family have fun outdoors without being annoyed by flies.

How Fly Repellent Candles Work

The candles work by using essential oils and plant extracts that have a strong scent. Things like citronella, lemongrass, and eucalyptus oils. As the candle burns, it lets off smoke containing these oils that flies hate and want to avoid. The fly repelling ingredients confuse flies and disrupt their sense of smell so they stay away.


Fly repellent candles have special features to best repel flies:

Size – The candles are 5 inches high to allow plenty of smoke. Wider candles also make more smoke to cover bigger areas.

Wicks – 3 wicks give the most smoke output. More wicks means more smell to stop flies.

Citronella Scent – The candles contain real citronella oil from lemongrass plants. This clean, lemony scent confuses flies so they stay away.

Outdoor Wax – Beeswax and soy wax allow safe outdoor burning. These waxes resist wind, weather and uneven melting.

Metal Tins – Tin containers protect candles from weather and provide sturdy bases outdoors.

Burn Time – Each candle burns up to 10 hours. Long burn times give ongoing fly control without relighting often.

What is Fly Repellent wax Candles Used For

People use fly repellent candles when they are outdoors and want to prevent flies from landing on their food or flying around them. Common areas to use them include decks, patios, picnics, barbecues, camping, and other outdoor gatherings. The wax candles help create a more pleasant, fly-free environment.

what customers are saying


I tested the fly repellent candles at a family picnic in my backyard. We had lots of sweet desserts and fruit that would normally bring swarms of flies. After lighting 3 citronella candles 15 feet from the food table, we saw way fewer flies. The lemony smoke smell surrounded the whole area. Bugs avoided flying into that space so we could eat in peace. The wax candles worked great keeping flies away for hours. As it got dark out, the candlelight even made nice decoration.

Ease of Use

The fly repellent candles come with simple instructions. They say to keep wicks trimmed to 1⁄4 inch before lighting for safety. I trimmed the wicks easily with scissors. Lighting the wax candles with a long matchstick is simple enough. The tin bases can just sit on any outdoor surface. No other special tools or setup is required. The candles start working right after you light them. Extinguishing involves blowing out flames or using a wax candle snuffer. Anyone could use these candles successfully with minimal effort.


The fly repellent candles seem very well made. The shiny metal tins have smooth edges and feel sturdy. They did great holding up outside through sun, wind and light rain without any issues. The wax and wicks stayed secured inside the containers nicely. After multiple uses the candles still burn evenly and emit lots of citronella smoke. The wax doesn’t get misshapen from uneven melting. These quality candles maintain performance despite outdoor exposure, providing reliable fly control.


A set of 3 fly repellent candles costs around $25. This provides up to 30 hours of fly protection. For me this works out to only about 80 cents per candle hour! Compared to pricey electric bug zappers or replacing spoiled food after flies land on it, the candles are economical. They also lack expensive batteries or chemical sprays and foggers. Considering their durable construction, I think these effective citronella candles give great bang for your buck.

Customer Service

I emailed the seller before buying to ask a few questions. They responded very quickly and politely provided helpful details. I also called after my purchase with a question about wick length. Again their team was friendly and resolved my question right away. From my experience the customer service is excellent. I knew real people would assist if any problems came up.

Ingredients Used in Fly Repellent wax Candles

candle wax scent

Common ingredients include:

  • Citronella oil
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Soy or beeswax
  • Cotton wicks

These natural oils and waxes allow the candles to repel flies when burning.

Benefits of Fly Repellent Candles

Fly repellent candles offer many upside advantages:

Keep Flies Away

The smoke perimeter from citronella candles prevents flies from swarming around food, landing on plate rims, and immersing themselves in sweet drinks left outdoors. No more swatting flies away from your face either. The botanical aroma boundary keeps them safely away.

Enjoy Dining Without Distraction

Meals, snacks and happy hour beverages all become more pleasurable no longer shooing flies off surfaces constantly. Hosts and guests can fully immerse in sharing laughs, stories and making memories without frustrating fly issues stealing attention.

Natural Alternative to Chemicals

Avoid exposing your family to icky chemical fumes that drift and settle on patio furniture, linens and kids toys from sprays and foggers. Botanical essential oils provide gentle natural fly deterring without toxicity and residual contamination dilemma.

Soft Glow Lighting

As dusk approaches, citronella candles add festive flair illuminating gathering with warm flickering glow. Their sweet lemony essence fills the ambiance with pleasantness making evenings outside more inviting.

Affordable Investments

A few fly repellent candles protect large areas 10+ hours each use, at a fraction the operating costs zappers demand. Their clean burning also prevents sooty buildup issues requiring cleaning between uses.

Reliable Protection

Strategically encircling patio, picnic and lawn spaces with several candles intensify the smoke perimeter keeping flies reliably away hour after hour. Say goodbye to fly swarm invasions at your events!

Refreshing Aroma

Many users find the fresh lemon-lime fragrance from citronella candles highly pleasant compared to chemical bug sprays. The gentle herbal smell adds to the experience.

Potential Disadvantages

Initial Expense

While an excellent value long term, the upfront cost falls higher than some short term fixes like spray cans. Viewing purchase as an investment into years of fly-less parties offsets sticker shock.

Scent Bothers Some

Citronella aroma proves too intense for some snuffing out enjoyment. Seek candles with lighter concentration or pair with unscented to find ideal balance for preferences.

Requires Caution

As open flames, responsible steps like elevating on non-flammable surfaces away from debris/drapes and avoiding leaving unattended are imperative. Keep children and rambunctious pets at safe distance too.

Tins Heat Up

The metal containers can become too hot to reposition while candles are actively burning strong. Let cool completely before moving to prevent fingertip burns.

How to Use Fly Repellent Candles

Using fly repellent wax candles involves just basic steps:

  • Place candles 15-20 feet apart around outdoor area
  • Keep away from furniture, drapes, clothing that could catch fire
  • Trim wick to 1⁄4 inch before first lighting
  • Use fireplace matches or long lighters to safely light candle
  • Let candle burn for several minutes before blow out
  • Extinguish properly by blowing out flame or with snuffer
  • Position 3-4 candles surrounding area for best fly coverage.

What to Expect from Fly Repellent Candles

Expect that flies will be repelled from spaces where the smoke scent travels. The citronella aroma serves as a deterrent, guiding flies away. Flies will likely still be visible but considerably fewer should attempt to enter protected areas near burning wax candles. Effectiveness increases after candles have burned for a few minutes to establish robust smoke zone.

How Long Does it Take to Work

Users can expect fly repellent candles to start working 5-10 minutes after lighting them. The smoke requires a short time to spread and reach adequate concentration. Allowing candles to fully pool wax to edges rather than extinguishing too early optimizes durability.

How to Get the Best Results

Strategic candle placement is key for best results. Encircle whole areas needing protection rather than clustering in one spot. Elevating candles also encourages wider smoke dispersal. Using more candles intensifies the repellent effect for very large gathering spaces. Avoid breezy locations that compromise smoke.

Where to Buy Fly Repellent Candles

Purchase fly repellent candles from:

  • Hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s
  • Online retailers like Amazon
  • Specialty stores like Ace Garden & Home
  • Grocery stores often in seasonal/garden sections

Seeking candles containing citronella oil ensures fly repelling effectiveness.

Pricing of Fly Repellent Candles

Expect to spend:

  • $5 – $10 per individual candle
  • $15 – $30 for packs of 3-4 candles

High quality 100% citronella candles tend to cost a bit more than candles with cheaper ingredients.


Many fly repellent candles sold in stores contain lower grade paraffin wax instead of cleaner soy or beeswax. They may also lack real plant oils, using more synthetic scents. Without citronella, these cheaper candles likely won’t work as well at keeping flies at bay. Paying for quality ingredients makes a difference in performance. Compared to spray cans and messy traps, candles also provide gentler fly control. I prefer the wax candles over other options.


I highly recommend these citronella fly repellent candles, especially for households that frequently dine, play or relax in their backyard or patio spaces. The durable construction ensures reliable fly control for multiple seasons. Just a few candles make a noticeable difference keeping flies away even during daytime events. They exceed performance of lower quality brands. For anyone frustrated by pesky flies ruining their time outdoors, these candles are definitely worth purchasing.

Best Fly Repellent Candles On Amazon

Hausware Citronella Candles Outdoor Indoor

Hausware Citronella Candles Outdoor Indoor -

Enhance your outdoor and indoor spaces with the Hausware Citronella Candles. This set of 12 candles, crafted from pure soybean wax and infused with citronella vegetable oil, promises a fresh and clean atmosphere. Designed for a cozy summer setting, these candles emit a beautiful fragrance, creating an instant ambience. With a burn time of 180 hours per pack, these candles are perfect for your garden, patio, yard, or home.


  • Beautiful Aesthetic: Users praise the candles’ aesthetic appeal, describing them as not only effective but also visually pleasing.
  • Long Burn Time: Customers appreciate the extended burn time, allowing for prolonged enjoyment of the refreshing scent.
  • Versatile Placement: These candles are versatile, suitable for outdoor spaces like porches and indoor spaces such as coffee tables.


  • Limited Effectiveness in Small Areas: Some users note that the candles may not be as effective in repelling mosquitoes in smaller spaces.

Citronella Candles Outdoor and Indoor – Large 3-Wick Candles

Large 3-Wick Candles for Home Patio Yard

Introducing our Citronella Candles – Large 3-Wick Candles for both outdoor and indoor use. Made from citronella oil and soy wax, these oversized tin wax candles provide a clean and lemony scent. With a burn time of 75 hours per candle, you’ll enjoy a peaceful and comfortable night. The portable tin design makes them a perfect complement to any decor, making them suitable for various rooms in your home.


  • Effective Against Flies: Users in a southwestern region commend these candles for effectively repelling flies, enhancing their outdoor experience.
  • Extended Burn Time: Customers appreciate the long burn time, allowing for multiple uses from the same candle.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The candles are praised for their attractive design, making them a great addition to any room.


  • Limited Effectiveness Against Mosquitoes: Some users note that the candles might not be as effective against mosquitoes, and the scent is faint.

Large Citronella Candles Outdoor Indoor – for Patio Yard Homer in Bucket

for Patio Yard Homer in Bucket

Integrate bug protection seamlessly into your outdoor and indoor gatherings with our Large Citronella Candles. Crafted from natural soy wax and essential oils from the citronella plant, these candles boast a long burning time of 100-120 hours. The rust-resistant galvanized metal bucket adds a touch of elegance, making them suitable for various occasions, from patio parties to quiet indoor nights.


  • Long-Lasting Effectiveness: Users applaud the candles for their long-lasting bug protection, making them ideal for extended outdoor events.
  • Attractive Packaging: Customers appreciate the appealing packaging, making these candles a delightful addition to any setting.
  • Reusable Container: The reusable bucket container adds practicality, allowing users to seal and carry the candle wherever they go.


  • Potential Leaking Issues: Some users report issues with candles leaking out of the bottom, possibly due to the container’s inability to handle hot wax.


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