Craft Custom Valentines Day Candles with DIY Cherished Memories

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Valentines Day candles are increasingly popular romantic holiday gifts and decorations, Valentine’s Day candles shine brighter each year as part of the $192.80 average that more than half (52%) of consumers plan to spend celebrating the holiday. This marks the second-highest Valentine’s Day expenditure since tracking began in 2004, according to the National Retail Federation and Prosper’s annual survey.

Candles play a special role in this popular holiday that honors love and relationships. As the famous French novelist George Sand once said, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” Candles help set the atmosphere to kindle this happiness.

The flicker of a candle radiates comfort and symbolizes the spark of passion. This article will discuss how candles enhance Valentine’s décor, the different types to use, creative display ideas, do-it-yourself projects, gift suggestions, and important safety tips.

The Symbolism of Candles on Valentine’s Day

Historically, candlelight has been associated with romance and seduction. According to a survey of 2,000 Americans, more than half (51%) experience “scent-stalgia,” missing the comforting scents of their homes after being away. Interestingly, 66% of people can recognize the unique aroma of their own home.

For many, these familiar fragrances bring feelings of coziness and warmth – sentiments shared by 77% of respondents when inhaling scents like floral, citrus, baked goods and wood.

Even into adulthood, 60% can still describe childhood home scents like pine, cedar and fresh-cut grass. This data highlights the ability of beloved fragrances to spark joy, romance and relaxation.

The intimacy created by the soft, ambient candle glow sets the stage for affection and quality time with loved ones. On Valentine’s Day, candles carry deep symbolic meaning – the fire represents the burning flame of love within our hearts. When we make space to light candles with partners, friends, or family, we illuminate our bonds.

Types of Valentines Day Candles

Scented Candles

Popular fragrances like rose, lavender, vanilla, and jasmine evoke the romance and passion associated with Valentine’s Day. These timeless scents mirror nostalgic aromas like grandma’s freshly baked cookies or mom’s perfume. Burning an aromatic candle saturates living spaces, bed chambers, or dining areas with a joyful scent that sets the mood and brings back fond memories.

Some of the highest-quality scented candles are poured from botanical wax blends and essential oils. Seek out clean-burning candles made from soy, coconut, or bee wax rather than paraffin for an eco-friendly choice.

Decorative Candles

Candles shaped as hearts, flowers, or cupids make playful additions sprinkled throughout Valentine’s décor. Opt for bold pops of color in vibrant pinks, reds, and purples for exciting visual impact. Metallic gold and silver candles add a touch of glam and sparkle.

Cluster an eclectic arrangement of varying shapes and sizes on tables, bookshelves, windowsills, or mantles. Feel free to embrace excess when it comes to decorative candles – the more the merrier!

Personalized Candles

One of the most heartfelt gifts comes from customizing candles with loving messages, names, photos, or inside jokes printed directly onto the wax, wrapper, or label. Select meaningful images like the location of a first date or lyrics from a shared favorite love song. Showcase creative couple portraiture using a collage of photographs.

Even simply ‘Emily + Michael’ encircled by a hand-drawn heart makes for a sentimental DIY gift that requires minimal effort but lots of thoughtfulness.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

valentines day candles

Strategically place candles around spaces to establish an inviting ambiance. Cluster an eclectic arrangement of varying heights, sizes, and colors on tables, mantles, shelves, and windowsills. Intersperse pillars and votives for dimension. Line a staircase, hallway, or path with a series of coordinating candles to set the tone upon entry. Focus on layering glows in one concentrated area for impact.

Candle Holders

House taper and pillar candles in beautiful containers that complement their design and make them shine brighter amongst decorative displays. Choose identifiable silhouettes like geometric shapes, frosted globes, and lanterns. Use candle holders to add height and drama – go for towering candelabras, standing skewers, and lofty hurricane vases.

Candlelight Dinner

Incorporate strategic candlelight into an intimate dinner for two – the ultimate Valentine’s date. Concentrate clustered light in the center of a table or alternate glowing accent points down linen runners. Build the atmosphere with a mix of low and tall candles as the main centerpiece, trailing trickles of melted red or pink wax across table runners for added drama. Encircle bases with rose petals, crystals, or other embellishments.

DIY Valentine Candle Ideas

Making candles is a rewarding hands-on process that taps into creativity and allows for complete personalization. Plus, handmade DIY gifts tend to have more heart, meaning and thoughtfulness attached versus store-bought presents.

Homemade Candle Recipes

Making candles at home lets the maker fully customize the outcome.

  • Craft simple wax candles using basic ingredients like soy wax flakes, candle dye, essential oils, and pre-tabbed or primed wicks.
  • Prepare candle vessels like repurposed glassware, mason jars, or tin cans.
  • Stuff containers lightly with cotton balls to anchor bottoms.
  • Melt wax using a double boiler method at 185-200F, stirring occasionally.
  • Test wax temperate before adding dye and fragrance.
  • Carefully pour liquid wax into vessels, leaving room at the top for the melting pool once lit.
  • Allow candles to cure for 24 hours before burning.

Decorating Ideas

Unleash creativity when decorating homemade or store-bought candles.

  • First smooth candles with a heated knife to create a flat, even surface.
  • Apply ribbon or raffia by notching base wax so embellishments sink slightly inside.
  • Wrap vessels with lace, burlap, or scrapbook paper secured with a glue dot.
  • Use stencils and templates when painting designs by hand directly onto glass.
  • Affix pressed flowers, beads, crystals, or seashells into base coats of wax.
  • Etch messages after initial cooling using a stylus, chopstick, or skewer.

The options are endless when it comes to DIYing candle décor!

Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Candle gift sets evoke ultimate coziness. Select an assortment of three, five, or eight complimentary aromas that tell a sensory story for the recipient to uncover. Curate scents in a synergistic blend like a fruity bouquet and woodsy musk or vanilla bean mixed with leather and tobacco. Present the collection artfully packaged in a decorative gift box or woven basket, sealed with a heart-shaped sticker or ribbon.

Customize Options

Many online retailers provide services tailored to generating completely original candle presents. Select fine fragrance oils to formulate a 100% custom blended scent. Engrave sleek black, gold, or silver metal tins with affectionate phrases like “Light up my life” or personalized names and dates. Choose custom color dyes to match a favorite shade.

Design patterned graphics or upload photos to transfer onto labels and packaging. Customize every aspect like wax type, wick size, and vessel shape based on personal preference. The possibilities are endless when it comes to tailoring meaningful mementos.

Safety Tips for Using Candles

season candles

Always place burning candles far from curtains, papers, and vent drafts on a sturdy, flame-proof surface. Never leave flames unattended. Trim wicks to 1⁄4 inch before lighting to prevent excess smoking. Extinguish candles when they burn within two inches of the holder or after 4 hours. To properly put out a candle, use a snuffer or blow gently rather than blowing forcefully to prevent wax splatter. Avoid moving a candle while the wax is still molten.

In case of emergencies, maintain composure, evacuate the space, and notify emergency responders if necessary. Have a candle safety plan in place and educate all members of the household. Keep a fire extinguisher on site where candles are used frequently. Try incorporating flameless battery-operated candles instead for minimized risk. Approach true candle-burning thoughtfully by incorporating unique styles alongside proper safety guidance.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

Strategically place candles around spaces to establish an inviting ambiance. Cluster an arrangement of varying heights and colors on tables, mantles, and shelves. Line a staircase or walkway to set the tone upon entry.

For Michelle, candles played a key role in a memorable Valentine’s Day with her partner. “I lit tea lights all along the hallway to our bedroom and filled the room with red roses and candles. When my boyfriend came home to the glowing, romantic scene it took his breath away! We slow danced by candlelight and the crackling wicks made our tender moment even more magical.”

Candle Holders

House candles in beautiful containers complement their design and shine brighter amongst decorative displays. Opt for candle holders that express personal style or collection pieces with nostalgic meaning.


There are endless ways to incorporate candles into your Valentine’s Day by using them to infuse spaces with coziness, warmth, and affection. Candles hold symbolic meaning in celebrating relationships and the burning flame within our hearts. Explore an array of scented, ornamental, and custom-designed options to light up rooms or create a stunning centerpiece.

And don’t forget, making personalized candles can be an incredibly rewarding DIY gift. Nestle your favorite candle in a decorative holder or complemental lighting display within romantic spaces. Whichever route you take to adding candlelight ambiance this season, please do so with safety in mind and a heart full of loving intentions. The simple act of igniting a wick can powerfully convey deep affection, care, and intimacy.

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