#1 Guide to the Best Candles for Men’s Apartments

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Candles have long been associated with femininity and female spaces, but in recent years more brands have been recognizing the demand for candles tailored specifically for men. The rising popularity of self-care and wellness routines for men has fueled interest in scented candles that provide soothing and restorative properties ideal for unwinding in masculine spaces.

The right candle can entirely transform the atmosphere of a room. Aromatic scents stimulate the olfactory system, promoting relaxation while also elevating mood. Whether enhancing concentration for work, encouraging rest, or simply creating a more welcoming environment, scented candles offer an easy way to personalize any man’s apartment.

What to Look Out for in Men’s Candles

When evaluating the best candles for men, there are a few key factors to consider:

Scent Profiles

Scents marketed towards men lean towards woodsy, earthy or leather aromas over florals. Sandalwood, cedarwood and oakmoss base notes have a warm, subtly alluring quality perfect for masculine spaces. Smokey tobacco, pine and peppercorn accords also have an inviting appeal.

Aesthetic Appeal

While scent is paramount, aesthetic elements like sleek or industrial designs and muted color palettes have great appeal. Clean glass vessels, concrete containers or steel tins allow candles marketed for men to incorporate tactile surfaces and neutral hues fitting for any décor style.

Long-Lasting Burn

No one wants to relight a candle constantly or have it burn out after just an hour or two. Quality wicks and wax blends ensure an even, sustained burn allowing you to enjoy the candle over many uses. This optimizes the value you get from the candle while also filling your space with alluring ambiance for as long as you desire.

Best Smelling Candles for Men’s Rooms

Here are some of the most enticing scent profiles that are sure to enhance any bachelor pad.

Earthy and Woody Scents

Earthen notes like sandalwood and cedar have an inherently masculine appeal. These woody aromas offer a hint of sweetness while also feeling relaxed. Agarwood, vetiver and patchouli candles also have a charming woodsy quality perfect for apartments with masculine personalities.

Leather and Tobacco Notes

For the daring and adventurous, candles imbued with leather, bourbon, oak barrels and tobacco notes have an undeniably bad boy allure. With an intoxicating smokiness, these smooth scents feel befitting of a stylish gentleman’s lounge. A candle with rich tobacco and vanilla hints feels tailor-made for sharing drinks over great conversation.

Unique Blends

You can also discover more distinctive scents like candles with hints of sea salt, roasted coffee beans, freshly cleaned linen or aging paperbacks on library shelves. These allow men to curate an ambiance reflective of their hobbies and interests.

Here are some additional unique candle blends that men may enjoy:

Whiskey and Oak Barrel – Features warm notes of charred oak barrels, spicy rye, and sweet vanilla that will make you feel like relaxing in a gentlemen’s study.

Fresh Cut Grass – Invigorating scents of freshly mown lawn grass and morning dew capture the essence of summertime and baseball games.

Campfire Coffee – Robust espresso and cocoa notes mixed with smoked cedar and pine needles reminiscent of brewing a cup lakeside at daybreak while camping.

Old Book Nook – Inspired by lazy Sundays browsing titles alongside woodsy eucalyptus, parchment paper and rich mahogany hints that envelop you like a cozy library.

Ocean Cliffside – Cool and salty sea spray lightly accented with sun-warmed driftwood and coastal cypress trees growing along Pacific cliffs.

Stargazing Observatory – Clean night air aromas blended with metal telescope parts and inky vetiver under a moonlit sky full of constellations.

Where to Buy Men’s Candles

Specialized online stores and local artisans offer the best variety when shopping for candles tailored towards men. Large big box stores tend to cater their offerings to general consumers, but these retailers recognize the increasing demand from male shoppers.

Online Retailers

E-commerce shops let you easily peruse tons of candle options all in one place. Online searches even allow you to filter by scent profiles, designs, burn times and other preferences to effortlessly discover ideal candles catered your tastes. The convenience of quick shipping to your door also cannot be understated.

Specialty Stores

Smaller specialty stores, whether based online or in local markets, focus explicitly on artisanal candle making. This allows you to discover magnificent hidden gems not mass produced. Specialty candle makers experiment more boldly with captivating scents and tend to emphasize quality ingredients. With a handcrafted touch, these candles make for welcome gifts or personal indulgences.

Local Artisan Markets

Patronizing local makers at artisan markets offers the chance to actually smell test candles before purchasing. Plus supporting independent craftspeople invests back into your community. Striking up a conversation about their candle making process also gives insight into creating the best ambiance for your apartment. You might even discover your new signature scent.

Benefits of Men’s Candles

Beyond merely making a space smell delicious, scented candles for men provide other valuable perks.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

The hypnotic flickering glow of a candle creates instant ambiance ideal for promoting relaxation. Gazing into the gentle and rhythmic flame has a meditative effect, quieting racing thoughts and lulling busy minds into a peaceful state.

This lowered stress level can provide reprieve after hectic work weeks. Sandalwood and cedarwood bases notes, popular candle fragrances for men, also have demonstrated effects linked to increased alpha waves and relaxed moods.

Personalized Atmosphere

Candle scents have a powerful association with memories and emotions. Choosing fragrances aligned with your lifestyle, interests and values allow men to infuse spaces with their unique personalities.

An earthy pine candle might remind one of a serene cabin getaway, while vigilantly burning incense connects another to their cultural heritage and traditions. Familiar aromas spark positive recollections, so selecting candles that feel authentic, befitting even a gentleman’s study or lounge, enables men to curate signature sanctuaries.

Cozy and Inviting Space

Candlelight fosters cozy and welcoming environments with a touch of illumination perfect for intimate social gatherings or solo repose. Low lighting has an innately inviting appeal compared to the harshness of overhead fixtures.

The ambient glow lends a relaxed feeling to apartments, making them more comfortable spaces to unwind after work or host meaningful conversations without distraction. Even men with minimalist décor can introduce an accessible warm touch to entertain close friends or a date over drinks with the soft glow of an unscented candle.

Best Men’s Candle Reviews

Here are recommendations showcasing an array candles hand selected for alluring masculine fragrance profiles and superior quality.


The Office Inspired by old books and leather chairs, this familiar aroma by Homesick Candles enhances concentration and creativity at work spaces. Masculine Tobacco Oak, Mahogany and Birchwood round out its gentlemanly appeal.

Boy Smells

Kush A sumptuous Cardamom and Cedarwood scent mingled with notes of Wood Sage makes Kush seem tailor-made for chicexposed brick apartments. Hand poured in LA with cheeky and progressive branding.

Best Time to Use Men’s Candles

candles for men

While there’s truly no wrong time to light a candle, these particular moments can especially benefit from infusing enchanting ambiance into men’s apartments.

Evening Relaxation

As daylight fades, lighting a candle helps cue your mind and body to start unwinding. Enjoy your favorite candle scents while sitting down with a good book, listening to records or prepping for bedtime.


Keep focused while working on passion projects or professional endeavors by introducing pleasant aromas to your home office, workshop or creative studio space.

Social Gatherings

Whether hosting poker night with the guys or a romantic date night, a scented candle on the coffee table or kitchen island subtly sets the mood for entertaining.

Candle Care Tips for Men

Maintaining candles helps preserve optimum performance and extend their lifespan. Follow these simple guidelines for making the most of your candle investments.

Trimming Wicks

Always trim wicks to 1⁄4 inch before lighting to encourage slower, more even burning and wax pooling. This prevents smoking, tunneling issues and promotes full fragrance throw.


Keep candles stored in cool, dark places and avoid direct sunlight to best preserve scent potency between burns. Consider covering lit candles when not actively being enjoyed to maximize longevity.

Repurposing Empty Jars

Glass candle vessels make charming holders for cotton swabs in bathrooms or paperclips and pens atop work desks once emptied. For candle jars use all the wax, freeze any remaining leftover wax to easily pop out.


The soothing glow and aromatic essences provided by scented candles can make all the difference in creating personal sanctuaries tailored exactly to men’s unique tastes. As men increasingly value self-care routines done solo or while hosting intimate social gatherings, spending time discovering the best candle profiles, vessels and makers makes for a rewarding investment that keeps giving.

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