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Welcome new friends to our anthropologie candle post! The enchanting world of do-it-yourself (DIY) arts and crafts offers immense creative possibilities right at home. An especially rewarding project for beginners involves crafting candles inspired by the signature elegant and eclectic style of the popular brand Anthropologie.

With minimal materials and tools, you can infuse candles with personal flair to display or gift. We’ll explore crafting no-fuss soy wax candles and a guide to ensure DIY success. Follow along on this candle-making journey!

The Appeal of Anthropologie Candles

What makes Anthropologie candles so covetable lies in their unique designs. Often housed in decorative vessels like colorful glassware or charming tins, no two ever appear identical. This artisanal aesthetic feels attainable through DIY projects allowing customization.

Crafting your Anthropologie-style candles also provides deep satisfaction. From preferring a signature scent to adding embellishments, every decision in the process unleashes creativity.

Benefits of Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Candles:

Who hasn’t marveled at the whimsical beauty of candles sold at Anthropologie? Their signature style encapsulates boho chic elegance with vibrant colors, creative motifs, and enticing scents.

Crafting your Anthropologie-inspired candles at home offers profound benefits beyond saving money:

Unleash Your Creativity: Anthropologie candles ignite visual intrigue through unique shapes, artistic vessels, and eclectic decorations. Experiment with molds, etched glass, or embellishments to make one-of-a-kind candles that channel your creative spirit.

Attain Signature Aesthetic: Capture Anthropologie’s essence by incorporating elements like floral prints, fruit slices, gold accents, or ornate holders. This allows you to recreate their artisanal aesthetic within your candles.

Express Individuality: Customize colors and scents fully to your personal preferences. Do you adore vibrant hues like fuchsia or prefer earthy terracotta tones? Citrus peach fragrance or mysterious sandalwood? The options prove boundless!

Experience Deep Fulfillment: Crafting with your own hands sparks immense satisfaction and pride. From concept to completion, each candle-making step bonds creators to their works through caretaking labor invested.

The limitless personalization possibilities empower first-timers and veterans alike to craft professional-quality candles rivaling store-bought quality. Let’s explore how!

Gathering Your Supplies for DIY Success

Achieving the Anthropologie candle vision at home centers around a few key supplies. Beginner DIYers can readily source these materials:

Candle Wax – Soy wax flakes

Fragrance Oils – For desired aromas

Dyes – Vibrant colors to match the vessel

Wicks – Pre-tabbed for centering

Candle Containers – Repurposed glass/tins

Double Boiler – Indirect wax melting

Thermometer – Monitoring wax temp

Spoon – For stirring wax

Thrift stores offer brilliant repurposed glass and tins for ordinarily pricey Anthropologie style at a steal. Feel empowered to hunt for containers matching your vision. Let’s get crafting!

Essential Tools and Materials for Anthropologie DIY Candles:

  • Candle wax, fragrance oils, dyes
  • Pre-tabbed wicks, repurposed vessels
  • Double boiler, thermometer, spoon

Creating Your Anthropologie Masterpiece

Once your materials gather, the fun begins! We’ll break down the methodical process for crafting soy wax container candles so anyone can achieve pro-level results:

Step 1 – Prepare the Wick

  • Measure out sufficient wick length to reach the bottom of the vessel
  • Add 2-3 extra inches to allow neat pooling when burned
  • Affix wick straightly centered onto the bottom with stickers

Careful wick preparation prevents issues like poor wax pooling or tunneling when burned. Take time to ensure it’s centered while pouring wax to maximize successful results.

Step 2 – Melt Wax

  • Using a double boiler, gradually melt wax on low indirect heat
  • Stir slowly and intermittently to integrate any color/fragrance and prevent burning
  • The ideal wax temperature for pouring ranges between 115-135°F
  • Allow the wax to cool slightly before pouring for the desired viscosity

When melting soy wax, don’t allow the double boiler water to reach boiling temperature, as this risks burning the wax. Heat too quickly also increases the chances of discoloration or loss of precious aromatics to evaporation.

Step 3 – Add Color and Scent

  • Once the wax melts fully, integrate several drops of essential oils for fragrance
  • Mix into the wax well before adding additional scent
  • Next add liquid or powder dyes, one drop at a time, until the desired vibrant hue
  • Stir thoroughly until color is evenly incorporated throughout

Getting the perfect color and scent strength right straightaway proves tricky. We recommend noting additions carefully and adjusting in the second pour if underwhelming initially.

Step 4 – Carefully Pour

  • Pour melted wax steadily into the container in even motions
  • Move the pouring vessel side-to-side to allow wax coating sides
  • Pour just shy of the vessel’s brim for the second pour if opting
  • Allow left fully untouched as the wax begins cooling and hardening

When pouring, preventative measures like placing the container on a folded cloth or working over wax paper minimize potential spills. Consider wearing heat protection gloves too since vessels may initially feel too hot to handle post-pour.

Step 5 – Second Wax Pool Pour optional

  • Once the initial wax layer mostly hardened, melt and prepare the second batch
  • For straight-sided vessels, bring wax only up to about 1⁄4 inch below the brim
  • The second pour tops-off candle, allowing fuller burn pools and minimizing edge tunneling

Performing a secondary pour proves optional, but creates a nicer finished look. Just allow the initial layer to fully cool first before attempting.

Step 6 – Finishing Touches

  • After the candle fully cures over 24-48 hours, neatly trim the wick to 1⁄4 inch
  • Gently buff away any dried drips or unevenness around the top edges
  • If desired, accent the candle by adding embellishments – think beads, flowers, and trinkets!

When not in use, ensure the candle remains covered and stored upright to prevent dust build-up and wax softening/distortions.

And VOILA – your creation is now complete! We can’t wait to see the end masterpiece result!

Express Yourself: Personalizing Your DIY Candles

What better way to unleash creativity than by customizing your candle? Take inspiration from favorite color palettes or aromas meaningful to you.

For my first candle-making attempt, I wanted to capture the vibrant sunset colors over my homeland. So I colored the wax bold orange and crimson with small gold mica powder flecks, like glinting stars. The mesmerizing amber gingery scent I selected was intent on evoking cozy evenings sipping chai around the firepit while watching nightfall.

Creative Touches for Custom Anthropologie Candles:

  • Infuse personal color schemes and scents
  • Add embellishments like glitter or beads
  • Repurpose vessels with nostalgic connections
  • Display proudly as home décor when not in use

Making design decisions throughout the process allows for achieving that signature Anthropologie level of charmingly eccentric and elegant. Now what about conquering language barriers?

Please stay tuned for the full step-by-step guide…

Your Burning Questions Answered

We want to empower newcomers feeling uncertain about starting DIY candle-making. So let’s preemptively tackle some frequently asked questions!

Q: Do I need strong English skills to understand instructions?

A: We provide comprehensive guides using beginner vocabulary and visual aids. Feel free to translate materials as needed.

Q: Where can I buy affordable supplies locally?

A: Craft stores offer many candle-making materials. We suggest budget-friendly substitutes too.

Q: Is it difficult for non-native speakers to make nice candles?

A: Not at all! We simplify techniques so anyone can achieve stunning results through our friendly tutorials.

Q: What if I ruin batches as I learn?

A: Mistakes help us improve! We share plenty of tips to minimize issues. But don’t worry about wax mishaps – that’s part of the learning process!

Please reach out with any other questions in the comments below!


The alluring world of Anthropologie-inspired candles now lies readily within your creative grasp. We strived to make candle-making approachable for complete beginners through straightforward guidance and encouragement. While language barriers may initially seem intimidating, take heart that stunning DIY candles remain achievable through step-by-step practice. Soon you’ll display personalized soy wax masterpieces infused with beloved scents and colors for all to admire!

We cheer you onward in unleashing creativity on this adventuresome journey into candle crafting. May your homes soon overflow with the cozy glow of your unique handmade creations!


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